Roadmap for Peace

   Formally known as a "Performance-Based Roadmap to a Permanent Two-State Solution to the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict." The Roadmap for Peace was proposed by the United States, Russia, the European Union, and the United Nations (known as the Middle East Quartet) and called for a final and comprehensive solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict by 2005. The Roadmap was first outlined by President George W. Bush in a speech made on 22 June 2002, who called for an independent Palestinian state that would coexist peacefully with Israel. The proposed two-state plan would require the Palestinian Authority (PA) to make democratic reforms and renounce terrorism in exchange for statehood. Israel, in turn, would have to accept a Palestinian state and stop building settlements in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank. The Roadmap was to be implemented sequentially in three phases. Linkage was also anticipated between implementation of a final peace agreement between Israelis and Palestinians (based on the Roadmap's outlines) and broader regional agreements involving Israel and Syria and Lebanon. Although the initial anticipated time frame for its implementation proved impractical, the Roadmap's vision of "two states, a secure State of Israel and a viable, peaceful, democratic Palestine" remained the only framework for negotiations accepted by both Israel and Fatah, although not by Hamas.
   A version of the Roadmap was released by the U.S. state department on 30 April 2003. On 25 May 2003, Israel said it accepted the Roadmap but with 14 reservations. Among the Israeli concerns, the most significant was the need to link all steps to the requirement— emphasized in the first provision of phase 1 — that the "Palestinians immediately undertake an unconditional cessation of violence." The Roadmap envisioned three phases of sequential peacemaking, with each phase coming into effect only when all of the requirements of the previous one were met by both parties.

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